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meet up with Galih & Farah @ Food Lover Grand Indonesia.

had nasi lawar and mango milkshake for dinner


November events

So Perfume is coming to HK, taiwan , korea and singapore. They gonna held their very first asia tour and the nearest to indonesia is singapore so i'm thinking to go there to see their live.

It's gonna be in nov 24th.. and the crazy thing is there would be Jazz Goes to campus in UI , depok at the next day XDD 

So perhaps i'll just go to singapore on friday night, having fun at Escape on saturday night and fly back to jakarta on the next morning and go to depok.


Sounds tiring _ _ 


i'm not sure if I will be going to JGTC or not if orange Pekoe didn't announce that they're going to perform in JGTC XD 




JGTC international performers are not fixed yet, but i'm hoping that Kyoto jazz Massive , Clazziquai , Ken Hirai , Depapepe and Soil n Pimp Session would perform too ~


meet up with my new friend, Mei

i know her from AAA indonesia fans group on Facebook, she's from Ciamis, but now leaving her hometown for college in Bogor , we're in the same almamater :D


we went karaoke in Inul Vista @ Ekalokasari , we sang JPOP song only XD arashi, larc en ciel, AAA , yui, spitz .. tanoshikatta !

after that we had lunch (at afternoon :p) @ lotteria, i had this sweet spicy fried chicken (forgot the name). taste great. and i love the sweet potato :3

Hey! Say! Jump - Asia Tour

having a shock teraphy XD

Finally, Hey! Say! jump is going to have an Asia tour, too bad they don't come to Indonesia tho~ (of course they won't T_T) .

So they gonna have a concert at Yokohama Arena from May the 1st for a whole week, and then on March they'll do a live concert for 3-days in Hong Kong, 4-days in April in Taipei, 2-days in May in Bangkok and 4-days in June in Seoul. (Source: Sanspo)

The nearest city from Indonesia would be Bangkok ,, as i browse the avalon site for the ticket info in Bangkok , i realize i don't think i can go to see them , the bangkok live is in May 26-27 .. the thing is,, i will be getting back from Japan at 23rd ,, i'm not rich for sure . i can't even glare at my wallet to imagine how much money i have to spend if i go to the concert T___T

so.. to go .. or not to go ? *dilema*

Ps:i bet Yamada would be really happy to perform in South Korea X))

updated : the Bangkok show canceled, this means i'm not going :3

New Year’s Eve plan

Why does time fly so fast?

It's december already, and the last time i posted on this blog is february.. and soon it will be new year's eve

And i don't think i'm going to enjoy my new year's eve, coz it's gonna be a hell of a day


Itulah plan gue di malam tahun baru
Yaay ( ̄▽ ̄)

And i'm pretty sure i had to go home from campus on foot cause of the traffic jam will going to be at that night

Tapi mau gak mau sieh, klo gak dikerjain ya gak selesai.. plus gue cuma bisa ngerjain pas weekend.

Ah it's been 14 days since my birthday, basicly i always list my target for the next year, this is one of the advantage being born in the last month of the year (^-^) , but this time i haven't list anything except to get my N3 NNS certificate on july, and join diving course.

Okay , i need to get back to work now..

And u know what, this is kinda sucks, because i'm now the only programmer left in this team, there were used to be 2 person, but the other one has something to do with the former project. Eeque banget (,,•﹏•,,)

oh well~

Sundown Festival

So i just found out, for the last 3 years there have been this event called 'Sundown Festival' in Singapore.. Telat banget memang, apalagi pas tau 2010 kemarin ada LMC n SUG .. arghhh~ i'm dying to meet Takeru in person !! *nosebleed*
and for this year, they had Vivid. here some of the ad poster that i capture when i was in singapore last month

unfortunately the event held a week after my schedule visit to singapore, meh~

i hope someday those jrockers (vkei or non) would come to Indonesia :3 i kinda pray for Dir en Grey in Jakarta Rock Festival next year, they said they already have DeG on the list ;D
ahhh i'm sooo looking forward the artists list of the Sundown Festival next year =)


today's my birthday, and like usual, i always forgot about it xD

it was those greetings from my friends that reminds me ,, i think i have to thank them for that :p

as always, in my birthday i always list the highlight for this year..

well, 2011 is pretty much the same as 2010 for me

i go to work everyday, school at night, did my homework and all

but then at march i resigned from work, it's my decision that i wanted to focus on my study.. and i think it was kind of worked,heheh

at the last semester in october, i only have to work on my undergraduate thesis so i think i'm gonna have some extra time to do other things,, that's why i begin to find a new job heheh agak kangen sama gajian, dan kebetulan apply sekali langsung keterima kerja di IT consultant sebagai PL programmer.

i always think that i don't have passion to work in IT/telco field, agak kurang pinter gitu deh kemampuan logika berpikirnya. tapi berhubung udah kecemplung dan working experience gue sebelumnya juga sebagai PL Programmer ,so~

at the first day, i was having a bad time with myself, i don't know.. a lot of bad things happen in the same time only brings out the worst in me i guess. and i was planning to get out from this company after the first year over. but now i get accustomed, so~

well i guess that's for today, have to get prepared for things tomorrow

so Happy Birthday to myself.. hope i can take everyday in my life as a lesson~


i don't want next week to come!

i don't want to deal with my life in next week

i can't stop but keep panicking knowing that next week would be my first day at my new job, and before that, i have final test .. and i still have the final project and assignment to do.

i think i really need to take those pills to calm myself down~

Writer's Block: Love hurts

What’s the best way to mend a broken heart?
what's the best way to mend a broken heart?

in my experience the answer would be 'time'

it's been a long time since my last broken-heart-experience , but i still remember that feeling X)) it was the frist and the last.

it was my senpai (senior) whom i felt in l*ve with (i don't like that word XD) , he knew it from my blog ..yeah i know that was pretty darn stupid . after that we never made any contact, he avoided me, i felt so terrible~

and having that experience kinda make me scared to even like someone..

but hey,,  whatever!

Welcoming myself

I was thinking about making new blog acount so that i can practice my english..or nihon go.. but then i just realize that i never post anything up here XD , I had this account for years by the way.. so .. here i am , start typing on livejournal